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G.A.B. Oath
“I promise to deal honestly, fairly and respectfully with everyone. I promise to send my cards when mutually agreed. All cards will be in mint or near-mint condition as defined by Scrye unless otherwise noted. I promise to protect my cards adequately (as defined in the FAQs) to prevent them from being damaged during shipping. I further promise to help search out all bad traders including the links to them and forward the names to G.A.B. If I have a web page, I will add a link from it to the G.A.B. Bad Trader list.”

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Special Requests

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.hack Enemy 7th Sea Age of Empires
Aliens Predator Ani-Mayhem Babylon 5
BattleTech Buffy Doomtown: The Deadlands
DragonBall Z Full Metal Alchemist Game of Thrones
Harry Potter James Bond 007 Jedi Knights
Jyhad Legend of the Five Rings Looney Tunes
Lord of the Rings Magi-Nation Magic, the Gathering (All sets combined)
Major League Baseball Marvel/DC VS Middle Earth
Netrunner Overpower Pokemon
Shadowfist Sim City Spellfire
Star Trek CCG Star Wars (Decipher) Star Wars (Wizards of the Coast)
Survivor Tomb Raider Universal Fighting System
Vampire: The Eternal Struggle WWE Raw Deal WarCry
Warlords Wars Wheel of Time
Wyvvern X-Men XFiles
Young Jedi Yu Yu Hakusho Yu-Gi-Oh
non sports cards (non-ccgs) other ccgs sports cards (non-ccgs)


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