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All G.A.B. members must follow the Oath and Code of Conduct  

Members who violate that code may be placed on the Probation List

Check out the Duty Roster to see a list of G.A.B.'s volunteers

The Hall of Fame honors outstanding G.A.B. members

G.A.B. members are organized into a number of teams, each headed by a team leader.   

To find an individual member please use our search engine

Also, all of our members may link to their personal trading pages from this website.


Members are assigned ranks based on the number of trading references that have been confirmed by their team leader.  Only references from trades or sales count, not buying cards.

Rank & References
New Member
No References checked yet. Ensign
1 - 5
Confirmed good trading references. Lieutenant
6 - 15
Confirmed good trading references. Lieutenant Commander
16 - 30
Confirmed good trading references. Commander
Confirmed good trading references. Captain
Confirmed good trading references. Vice Admiral
Admiral - Team Leaders
Grand Admiral - Leader of G.A.B.

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Trading Card Types
007 = James Bond 007 7SEA = 7th Sea
AM = Ani-Mayhem AOE = Age of Empires
AP = Aliens Predator B5 = Babylon 5
BFY = Buffy BT = BattleTech
DBZ = DragonBall Z DHE = .hack Enemy
DTD = Doomtown: The Deadlands FMA = Full Metal Alchemist
GT = Game of Thrones HP = Harry Potter
JK = Jedi Knights JYH = Jyhad
L5R = Legend of the Five Rings LOON = Looney Tunes
LOTR = Lord of the Rings ME = Middle Earth
MGN = Magi-Nation MLB = Major League Baseball
MTG = Magic, the Gathering (All sets combined) MVS = Marvel/DC VS
NONSPT = non sports cards (non-ccgs) NR = Netrunner
OT = other ccgs OV = Overpower
PO = Pokemon SF = Spellfire
SHAD = Shadowfist SIM = Sim City
SPORT = sports cards (non-ccgs) ST = Star Trek CCG
SURV = Survivor SW = Star Wars (Decipher)
SW-W = Star Wars (Wizards of the Coast) TR = Tomb Raider
UFS = Universal Fighting System VTES = Vampire: The Eternal Struggle
WARS = Wars WC = WarCry
WOT = Wheel of Time WRLRD = Warlords
WV = Wyvvern WWE = WWE Raw Deal
X = XFiles XMEN = X-Men
YGO = Yu-Gi-Oh YJ = Young Jedi
YYK = Yu Yu Hakusho