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Grand Admiral Kristine Kochanski - Leader of G.A.B.

Admiral Khan Noonien Singh
Admiral Koshka
Admiral Mahasamatman
Admiral Mara Jade
Admiral pyotty
Admiral Thrain II
Admiral Yuen
Application Team
Grand Admiral Kristine Kochanski - Leader of Applications Team
Admiral Thrain II - Assistant Leader of Applications Team

Admiral Bloody Body Kisses
Admiral Gargoyle (Leave of Absence)
Admiral Green Scorpion
Admiral Lashermtl
Admiral Sithapprentice
Vice Admiral RavenPhoenix
Vice Admiral The Doctor
To Join G.A.B. please fill in the Application Form. After processing your request the Application Team will assign you to a team. Your new team leader will be in contact with you. If you have any questions regarding the application process please e-mail
Web Team
Admiral Yuen - Leader of Web Team

Grand Admiral Kristine Kochanski
Admiral Koshka
Admiral pyotty
Admiral Thrain II
The G.A.B. database program is maintained by Admiral Yuen. The member information is maintained by the Team Leaders; members who wish their information updated should contact their team leader.
Hall of Fame Committee
Admiral Koshka - Leader of Hall of Fame Committee

Grand Admiral Kristine Kochanski
Admiral Butterfree
The Hall of Fame Committee reviews nominations and awards Hall of Fame recognition to selected G.A.B. members.
Inquisitor Team
Admiral Khan Noonien Singh - Leader of Investigations Team

Chief Investigators:

Admiral Armorine
Admiral Thrain II


Admiral Assimilated Ewok
Admiral Black Rider
Admiral Death Walker
Admiral Diggerdog33
Admiral Eowyn the Wonder Llama
Admiral Ikoma Nargul
Admiral Jadziadax8
Admiral Waigin
Admiral White_Tiger
Admiral XT Warrior
Vice Admiral Dragon God
Vice Admiral Half10and01
Vice Admiral Liquidator Brunt
Vice Admiral Moddi the Monk
Vice Admiral Pino Kuark
Vice Admiral RavATwoFaces
Vice Admiral Son of Osiris
Vice Admiral UltimaAvatar (Leave of Absence)
Vice Admiral Yodamuppet
Captain SMC_80
Captain Stapper2000
Commander Ewokspy
Please use the Investigations form to report any bad trader you encounter to Admiral Khan Noonien Singh. Please include your full name, complete mailing address, e-mail address and a detailed description of what happened, as well as the full name, complete mailing address and the e-mail address of the accused trader. You will be contacted by a member of the Investigations Team if additional information is needed or required.
Team Leaders
Team Name Team Leader E-mail
Black Crystal Team Admiral Pyotty
Black Gold Team Admiral Anzati
Black Granite Team Admiral Thrain II
Blazing Moon Team Admiral Thrain II
Blue Team Admiral Mara Jade
Bright Orange Llama Team Admiral Eowyn the Wonder Llama
Cobalt Team Admiral Mara Jade
Copper Team Admiral Mara Jade
Ebony Team Admiral Mahasamatman, The Enlightened Penguin ebonygab0610-removethis-
Emerald Team Admiral Koshka
Federation Blue Team Admiral Starr Universe
Garnet Team Admiral Waigin
Gold Team Admiral Thrain II
Heliotrope Team Admiral 2 amp
Hunter Green Team Admiral Manstein
Imperial Gold Team Admiral Kristine Kochanski
Irish Green Team Admiral Eowyn the Wonder Llama
Jade Team Admiral Koshka
Mauve Team Admiral Kat
Moonstone Team Admiral Kristine Kochanski
Orange Team Admiral Paladin
Quartz Team Admiral Mara Jade
Red Dragon Team Admiral Mara Jade
Red Shirt Team Admiral Jadziadax8
Saffron Team Admiral Kristine Kochanski
Silver Team Admiral Thrain II
Soliton Team Admiral Yuen
Spectrum Team Admiral Kat
Starlight Blue Team Admiral Kristine Kochanski
Vermilion Team Admiral Khan Noonien Singh
White Eagle Team Admiral Bazyl
White Mithril Team Admiral Thrain II
White Tiger Team Admiral Jay Harris
White Wizards Team Admiral Belgarion
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