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Request for New Team Members

Please fill out the information requested and I'll get back to you as soon as possible with an estimate of how long it could take to fill your request. If you are a Team Leader filling in a request for a Section Leader, please fill in their details and include your details in the relevant boxes. If you have any special requests regarding the members you would like to receive, then please let me know in the box provided.

Date of your request (dd/mm/yy):
You'll have to provide the following details:
Alias and Rank :
Team Name :
Section Name :
Email Address :
If you are a Section Leader you'll have to provide the following details :
Team Leader's Alias and Rank :
Team Leader's Email Address :
Number of new team members you'd like to request (Maximum of 10 members per request)
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If you have any problems in sending this form then
please email the requested information to my email address: and
simply write "Member Request" in the subject line of youremail.