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Hall of Fame Nominations Form

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Committee members:
Admiral Chewbunny  
Admiral Koshka  
Admiral Kristine Kochanski  

The FAQs

Who can nominate?

Anyone can nominate a G.A.B. member.

Who can be nominated?

Any G.A.B. member in good standing who has shown superior leadership or given something
extra to G.A.B. or its members can be nominated.

What are the levels?

Bronze Medal of Achievement
Silver Medal of Valor
Gold Medal of Honor

What are some of the basic criteria for the levels?

Bronze Medal of Achievement -
    Outstanding G.A.B. leadership (Team or Section Leaders)
    Committee participation (Padawan, Internal Affairs, etc.)
    Service to G.A.B. or its members that goes beyond normal expectations of a G.A.B. 

Silver Medal of Valor -
    G.A.B. leadership
    High Council membership
    Special Committee leadership
    Other extraordinary services for G.A.B.

Gold Medal of Honor -
(Awarded by a vote of the High Council)
    All criteria set forth for Bronze & Silver levels and years of service to G.A.B
    something truly remarkable that changes the nature of G.A.B. organization for the better.

Will all nominations receive a medal?

No. Awards will be evaluated by the Hall of Fame Committee based on the criteria above

How do I nominate someone?

Fill out the "Medal Nomination Form" as completely as you can.  The committee may judge the
nomination based entirely on the information provided in the nomination form.
To recognize outstanding members not yet in the leadership structure, details would be
helpful; in other words, anything that made this person stand out from normal G.A.B.  
members. If any additional information is needed, the committee will contact you.

How does the nomination process work?

After the form is received, the form will be reviewed by the Hall of Fame Committee. Additional
follow-up may be done with the nominator, team leader or persons involved and a decision 
reached. The length of time this process takes will depend on how quickly the committee
receives responses from the appropriate parties.

The committee will notify the nominator of their decision. The nominee will receive a letter of 
commendation if they are awarded Hall of Fame membership.

Can you be nominated or awarded more than once?

Yes.  Multiple nominations will be listed if approved.

Also, if further service warrants it, the nominee can be moved up to the next award level.

What happened to the original G.A.B. Hall of Fame?

The Hall of Fame had become quite large and unmanageable.

It also did not seem to have standardized criteria on which to base awards. In order to keep the
Hall of Fame Awards a very special honor for our members, new and stricter standards were 
put in place to evaluate future nominations. New Award levels were also designed to recognize 
everything from a helpful Ensign to Retired Grand Admirals.

What types of things by themselves are NOT worthy of a Hall of Fame Award nomination?

He/she was nice to me
He/she sent me free cards
He/she was understanding when a trade went bad
He/she nominated me

Who makes the final decision of whether or not a medal is warranted?

The Nominations Committee, after receiving feedback from the necessary parties involved for 
bronze and silver categories.  If a Gold medal is merited,  it will be awarded by the G.A.B. High Council.

What happens if a nomination is rejected?

If a nomination does not meet the criteria, it will be kept on file. If more nominations for that 
person come in, the old nomination will be taken into consideration along with the new one.

Can a nomination be reconsidered?

Yes.  If you feel the Nomination Committee did not take all the information into consideration, 
you may resubmit your case to them. They will reexamine the nomination, possibly discussing it 
with the High Council before coming to a final decision.

Use the following form to nominate someone.


Name (first and last): required

GAB Rank:required

GAB Alias:required

GAB Team: required

E-mail Address: required

Nominee is (check all that applies):
My team leader
My section leader
My Padawan master
Leader of specialty team
Member of specialty team
My team leader
Member of High Council
Trader I've traded with
GAB Offices Held
GAB Committee Service
GAB Special Team Service

What did the person do that you feel warrants this extraordinary recognition: required

NOTE: This is the most important part of the nomination. Please review the FAQ page to make sure that the individual you are nominating meets the requirements, and please be as detailed as possible in your description of his/her merits.

Information about yourself

Name (first and last): required

GAB Rank:  required

GAB Alias: required

GAB Team: required

Email: required

If the form is not working, you can submit the above data directly to Grand Admiral Mortal Q -

This form will be considered by the Hall of Fame Committee. The committee may contact you for clarification or further information. All information will remain within the committee until a decision is made. If the committee finds this nomination does not meet our criteria, we will retain the nomination on file. If additional nominations for this nominee come in, the original nomination will be considered with the new nomination. These awards will not be static. If further service warrants, the nominee may be moved to the next award level.